Siyoung Oh

I’m a Tech Lead Manager (TLM) at Google based on the SF Bay Area and Seattle. I'm currently working on a cluster management system for GCE (Google Compute Engine). My interest is in designing powerful large-scale distributed system to be more efficient, reliable, and easier to reason about. This has been especially interesting with the end of Moore’s Law, and the beginning of Machine Learning. Other than that, I used to actively participate in programming contests like TopCoder and ICPC.

Along the line of my interests on large-scale computer systems, I enjoy studying how complicated systems (nations, corporations, physiology, etc.) operate and make decisions. I believe technology can help understanding and improving those decisions, eventually leading us to more satisfying lives.

Experiences at a glance
Countries Industry Education
U.S. Google
Internships: Facebook, DRW Trading, Google (Pittsburgh)
Carnegie Mellon University (B.S., M.S.)
S. Korea Kakao, Nexon - High School

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